Authentication for Single Page Applications and API’s in the SANE Stack pt 1

Per popular request, let’s now talk about the big bogeyman that scares all the new devs – authentication. Authenticating old fashioned websites used to be pretty simple and usually used domain cookies and server sessions, but nowadays that is not a very viable strategy because you usually need multiple clients accessing your API – web, mobile, […]

Getting started with the Sane stack – Installation and CRUD

Getting started with the Sane stack is as easy as installing a few global Node packages. The official web site  has concise,  yet sufficient instructions, Node is the only requirement: npm install -g sails ember-cli sane-cli sane new project creates a local project with sails-disk. To install withDocker and production databases see Options. sane generate api user name:string age:number to […]

Introducing a new series of tutorials and open-source project – “How to SANE”

Staying current is nearly an impossible job in today’s dazzling world of Open Source Software (OSS). After retraining myself to be a full stack javascript developer, I picked Ember.js as a client app framework. Upon becoming comfortable with it, I integrated it into the MEAN stack instead of Angular, thus creating a full stack boilerplate […]