How to make a static page in Ghost before it’s supported

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Currently Ghost only supports blog posts, according to the roadmap version 0.4 is meant to introduce support for pages, but it seems to be a bit behind schedule. If you know express or even just Node, you can hack your Ghost blog like I did, but that makes it unupgradeable.

In the meantime here is what you can do to avoid that problem:

1) Save a draft

2) Copy its url by clicking the gear icon next to “save draft” button

3) link to it from your template

Now you have a static page which is really an unpublished post hence it doesn’t appear in the blog post listing.

Viewable example here.

Hat tip jamesramsay @ github

One thought on “How to make a static page in Ghost before it’s supported

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    January 11, 2014 at 3:42am

    Nga lak feng luong prabat untuk itil raksassar. Gorengki di atas air itu.

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